Other companies are jealous of Netflix: Analyst

Pricing power remains squarely in Netflix's hands. That's according to BTIG media and tech analyst, Rich Greenfield. He told CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" Wednesday that the company is giving consumers what they want, and "not letting the business model get in the way."

"I think most content creators would be jealous to have that breadth of content that Netflix has," he said. "So I think from a pricing standpoint they're going to have more pricing power over time, and they'll do it from a position of strength."

He added that as long as the company can continue to churn out high-quality original content it will become indispensable to consumers who won't care "whether the service is $9 or $11 or $13."

Kevin Spacey in Netflix's "House of Cards"
Source: House of Cards | Facebook
Kevin Spacey in Netflix's "House of Cards"

Greenfield said he is not concerned about competition with other streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Hulu because "the reality is there is room for a bunch of companies in the space." The real losers, he said, are traditional television and cable networks that have to compete with streaming services.

Netflix's stock soared after Tuesday's fourth-quarter earnings exceeded consensus estimates three times over. Click here to track the company's shares.