Resilient Corporation Releases White Paper: Resiliency Measurement Required

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Jan. 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Resilient Corporation, the leading provider of resilience metrics and solutions, today published a white paper highlighting the growing need for corporate and government resilience initiatives and the requirement that resiliency be measured.

Organizational resiliency is a rapidly advancing global business concept to achieve competitive advantage and sustainability in response to the needs of an enterprise or government to effectively address the combined issues of security, preparedness, risk, and survivability.

With the increased focus and investment on resilience at both the government and corporate levels, what is still necessary is the establishment of a robust system and standards to measure resiliency, thereby enabling the tracking of the success or failure of such programs. This measurement needs to be a comprehensive system that assesses resilience levels along multiple facets of potentially disruptive impacts to an organization. Specifically, such a resiliency measurement would be based on macro-level dimensions of resilience that collectively provide a holistic understanding of an organization's overall levels of risk.

According to Mark Gembicki, CEO and Chief Architect of Resilient Corporation, and a leading authority on resiliency metrics, "Until policies and processes are enacted and clearly defined metrics are established to measure the effectiveness of resilience programs, organizations will not truly understand how resilient they are or can be. They could be very strong in one dimension, like financial stability, but very vulnerable in another, like supply chain management. Only once organizations are able to succinctly quantify their resilience will they be able to take direct steps to further improve it."

The paper, "Resiliency Measurement Required" is available online at​.

Resilient Corporation offers the premier data solution enabling forward thinking corporate and government leaders the insight to anticipate, understand and manage disruptions while finding new opportunities for efficiencies and growth. Launched in 2006, Resilient Corporation broadened the term resilience to incorporate "the capacity of best in class organizations to anticipate disruptions, adapt to events and create lasting value." The company maintains the world's largest repository of resilience data across 10 dimensions, and has commercialized a proprietary analytical platform to generate highly insightful Resilient Scores™ for corporations and government agencies. Using state-of-the-art big data systems and open source intelligence, the Resilient Index™ provides highly regarded insight and research on 18 global industry sectors. This level of actionable intelligence is effecting a much needed change in organizational performance criteria in terms of shareholder and stakeholder value.

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