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Follow these leaders to market victory

Cramer: Follow these leaders to market victory

Ahead of the biggest earnings week of the year, the winners on Friday's market were Starbucks and Honeywell, and Jim Cramer thinks this is huge.

Why? Because the leaders of a company can determine just how well the company will do, and these are two prime examples of companies with superior CEOs.

With this in mind, Cramer wants investors to know that next week will mark the most important week of the year. More money will be made and lost on stocks next week than any other time of the year. So, take this seriously.

Here are the CEOs and market leaders that he will be watching to bring investors into victory:

Tuesday: A jam-packed day!
Cramer actually feels bad for all of the companies reporting on Tuesday. There are so many of them! He will be focused on 3M,American Airlines, Caterpillar, DuPont and Procter & Gamble, as well as ...

Apple: Tuesday evening will be Apple, Apple and more Apple.
"The expectations have gotten very high here, again, and I am going to be all over it like white on rice."

Thursday: Alibaba, Celgene, Amazon, Google
Alibaba: This stock has slowed down a bit recently, with China cooling off and the loss of its aggressive retail support. However, Cramer is not fazed by this. "I bet it surprises to the upside and some money's made by the bold people who own it."

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Inside Alibaba Group Holdings headquarters.
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After Sandisk's high-profile bomb last week that left Jim Cramer thinking technology stocks were dogs, he is willing to have a change of heart and take a second look.

To start, he looked at the world's largest supermarket of technology, Avnet. The company is the No. 1 distributor of electronic components, and one of the largest distributors of IT hardware and services. Cramer called it the "Costco of tech."

Cramer sat down with Avnet CEO Rick Hamada to find out how Avnet managed to be so successful in Asia and Europe, considering the strong headwinds that most companies are facing.

"I've talked in past quarters about the momentum we have built in our components business in Europe," said Hamada. "It's a combination of excellent execution, as well as taking advantage of some new opportunities, new investments we have made such as our MSC acquisition and it's also about gaining some market share."

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Now that Cramer has outlined the companies he will be watching next week, it is time to put a few heads on the chopping block.

"I don't care. My critics can pound sand. When I look at the truly horrendous numbers from United Parcel today, when I read once again about how McDonald's knows it has problems and will address them with alacrity, I can't help but wonder: when will someone finally be held accountable for this kind of subpar performance?"

Frankly, Cramer thinks that the boards of both UPS and McDonald's are making a huge mistake if they think this type of underperformance can be tolerated.

One more bad quarter from these two CEOs and Cramer is officially committing them to the "Mad Money Wall of Shame." The results are completely unacceptable.

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A UPS worker delivers packages in Chicago, Dec. 26, 2013.
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While the current atmosphere may be difficult for international banks, the smaller domestic regional banks are doing just fine, Cramer said. One example is First Horizon National Corp, the Tennessee regional bank with more than 200 branches spanning the south.

This stock has provided a 35 percent return with reinvested dividends in the past two years. To find out more about the quarter, Cramer spoke with the CEO of First Horizon National, Bryan Jordan.

"We're sort of standing there with a fresh, wide open balance sheet. We have the ability to win relationships, to book new business. And we got a great calling team. So I'm optimistic we're going to see a lot of momentum over the next couple of quarters to two years in Texas," Jordan said.

Another bank with some major banking news is Cramer fave City National. This is a boutique business bank that is based in Los Angeles with a wealth management division catered to high net-worth clients.

City National recently announced that it will be acquired by Royal Bank of Canada for $5.4 billion. That is a 26 percent premium and marks the second largest U.S. banking acquisition since the financial crisis.

For details, Cramer spoke with City National CEO Russell Goldsmith.

"We were not looking to sell the bank. We didn't have it up for sale, but sometimes you got to seize the opportunity," said Goldsmith. "And when we got approached by RBC, over time, Dave McKay is very persuasive, and we saw the wisdom of his strategy. And this just was, I think, a perfect, perfect combination. Not just for our shareholders but for our colleagues here in the bank."

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Zillow: "You have to get this merger closed. That's why it has been spiking here, you have to see it close. Because in the interim it is in limbo. And when it is in limbo is not where I want to see these two stocks trade."

Continental Resources: My problem with Continental is that they took the hedges off at the wrong time. I think all of these stocks might have bottomed last week. I spoke to Prince Alaweed today and there is a very good chance that if oil goes down a little bit more, and I'm not sure that is the case, but if it is you want to own stocks with good yield. Royal Dutch, because that way you are protected by the dividend if I am wrong."

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