Pacific High School Speaks on How Emerging Tech Could Impact Students in 2015

TRENTON, N.J., Jan. 25, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The main objective of organizing this conference was to share new research and findings about online education. High schools gathered at one podium and spoke about their strategies and tactics which would make it easier for experts and professors to deliver education.

At this conference, Pacific High School spoke about their strategies where they shed light on the importance of technology, and discussed ways that could help online education to upgrade and offer better programs that students could take assistance from while learning at their own pace.

At this conference PHS spoke about how technology helps them impart education. "We believe that education should not have any barriers and whoever wants to learn should be able to do so without any hesitation. We are glad to serve PHS students with the best educational facilities such as web based learning, using visualization, and further plan to integrate virtual reality into our learning system," said the Dean of Pacific High School.

Web based learning

According to Pacific High School the most significant way to transfer education is MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). It is considered as the best practice for online students to succeed. With the right infrastructure and the right software system MOOCs can deliver education. These courses allow better understanding of information, basically permitting students to learn from anywhere at any time.

In the year 2015 educational institutions can take advantage of these courses and make it more accessible with cloud-based innovation, adaptive education, information capture, analytics to support educational institutions in coordinating MOOCs and different sorts of instructive technologies into the learning environment.


Instead of being fiction, visualizations are upgrading advanced education. Intelligent whiteboards and projectors consider virtual, 3D visitors in the classroom, letting educators lecture to numerous classes in the meantime. These innovations are additionally being tested for distance learning so as to encourage better correspondence between students and professors around the globe.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality could create the greatest buzz for online schools especially concerning arriving at potential students. Virtual reality is additionally being tested at many educational institutions. Integrating technologies such as virtual reality will be useful for both students and instructors.


Pacific High School is an established online high school, with a difference. The school aims to provide quality and affordable online education to students the whole world over. Imperial Beach provides equal opportunity to all the students irrespective of their financial or geographical conditions.

Pacific High School has made online education easier and effective for students since they can access their study material, check out their results and register for new courses through their personalized online student area at any time of the day. The online high school diploma program is fully accredited by an internationally recognized accreditation body. Pacific High School has made countless efforts to help students realize their dream of pursuing quality education from every corner of the world.

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