Castel Detect(TM) 2.5 to Feature Call Scoring, Rich Data Integration, and Interactive Agent Display

BUFFALO, N.Y., Jan. 26, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Castel Communications, LLC, today announced its next version of Castel Detect™ Speech Analysis Solution to be released in second quarter 2015. This next version targets customers' continued expectations to meet business objectives and industry demands.

"To help companies provide the highest quality experience for their customers, and assist front line agents supporting those customers, Castel Detect™ 2.5 provides a rich data set integration allowing a business to automate operations by dipping into internal systems and creating workflow actions," stated Dave Chelus , Castel's Director, Business Architecture. "Imagine knowing when a customer having a $25K balance on their account requiring payment is on the phone versus a customer who has a $2.5K balance. Now, add to that situation the customer stating he is thinking of filing for bankruptcy." Chelus continues to describe a chain of events that will tip off the agent via interactive display and remind the agent to discuss payment options pertinent to each situation. Additional workflow events can be created using other account attributes, including the state from which the customer is calling.

Other new features include an agent's ability to track their own performance throughout the day. Castel Detect™ 2.5 pushes scoring for each call to the agent's display allowing one to see a cumulative score, as well as a comparison to one's peer groups. Chelus adds, "Castel Detect™ customers shared a strong need to return performance scores to agents quickly, allowing immediate performance notifications and empowering agent teams to help drive their own success of customer service excellence."

The Castel Team invites attendees to join them at Booth #602 to learn more about engaging prevention, improving customer experience, reducing liability exposure and growing revenue. Castel Detect™ Speech Analysis identifies the presence or absence of key information occurring on business calls and provides agents and management teams helpful cues relating to health or risk of the conversation while the call is happening. Additionally, when call concludes, Castel Detect's ™real-time quality assurance audit console highlights calls requiring further attention

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