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This snowmobile stock thrives, sans blizzard

Polaris CEO: More earnings power in years ahead

Despite the blizzard bust of the century, Polaris Industries still managed to thrive. The big maker of snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles was up 5 percent on Tuesday amid a widespread weakness of the market.

Polaris reported earnings, and crushed it with a 4 cent earnings beat on a $1.94 basis and higher than expected sales, up 17.7 percent year over year.

Though the company's guidance was not clearly strong for 2015, Jim Cramer still thinks this stock could be a winner.

The Victory motorcycles assembly line at the Polaris Industries factory in Spirit Lake, Iowa.
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The "Mad Money" host sat down with Polaris Industries chairman and CEO Scott Wine to get the lay of the land. The CEO explained that while he was happy with the earnings, he considers this to be an ugly win.

"Our results were quite good, but we certainly look at not just how our financial results look but how we got there," Wine said. "We feel like some of the efforts in our factories and the team did a great job, but we can do better in terms of how we manage our inventory, how we manage our rework and ultimately we think there is a lot more earnings power if we can execute a little bit better in the years ahead."

The CEO elaborated, echoing the sentiments of many other companies in that the strong dollar has had a significant impact on Polaris. However, unlike many other company chiefs, he is not using the currency strength as the alibi to earnings.

"Currencies are a major impact…It's a significant headwind for us, but one that we feel we have the ability to overcome."

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Instead, the company will continue to focus on what is in its control. That includes meeting demand and investing in innovation.

"We know we get paid for the market leading innovation, and we have done that consistently over the last three or four years. Our product roadmap tells me that we should be able to do that over the next three or four," said Wine.

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