Everybody ate cheese pizzas during the blizzard

A delivery man braves winter storm 'Juno' to deliver food in New York on Jan. 26, 2015.
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

The "historic" blizzard blew through the New York region with more of a whimper than a bang. But on Monday, just as the storm was gearing up and people started to hunker down at home, online food deliveries unsurprisingly saw a big pickup.

According to exclusive data provided to CNBC by GrubHub, we now know exactly how the different New York boroughs handled the storm: The size of orders, tips and the number cheese pizzas all went up.

Despite Mayor Bill de Blasio's assertion that "a food delivery bicycle is not an emergency vehicle," hungry New Yorkers couldn't fight the urge to order. Data from GrubHub's GrubHub ordering site showed some serious spikes:

  • The average order size on Monday was about 12 percent larger than normal
  • Between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m., average order size spiked up to 45 percent larger than normal.
  • Throughout the entire day, tips in New York City spiked an average of 8 percent higher than normal.
  • Tips saw the biggest jump after 6 p.m., when they were up to 16 percent higher than normal.

The data below show the increase in order size and tips by borough. Manhattan and Bronx were cheapskates, increasing their tips by a smaller proportion than their order sizes—even though their delivery guys had to get through awful conditions to bring them their food.

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Carbs saw the biggest increase: Pizza, pancakes, muffins, pasta and bread saw giant jumps in orders compared to typical Mondays this past season.