Blickman Introduces Nezzie at APTA CSM, the Safe & Frequent Patient Ambulation System

CLIFTON, N.J., Jan. 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- To facilitate early and frequent patient mobility, advance safety and reduce demands on hospital staff – simply and while cutting costs – Blickman, Inc. has introduced Nezzie, the Early Patient Mobility System.

Developed by a thoracic surgeon and available exclusively through Blickman, Nezzie is a self-contained system that serves as a stable, easy to use walker that holds all monitoring equipment including multiple IV poles. The only mobility system designed to be parked and remain bedside, Nezzie is ready for patient ambulation at any time, requiring the assistance of just one clinician.

"The benefits of early and frequent ambulation of post-operative and critical care patients are well documented," says Blickman President and CEO, Rob Freedman. "The difficulty is hospitals do not have enough staff to assist in disconnecting, reconnecting and carrying the monitors, IV supplies and devices."

This could require up to 3 clinicians who should be attending more urgent tasks, according to Freedman.

"Nezzie addresses these issues, streamlines the process and allows patients the recuperative benefits of early and frequent ambulation," he says.

The system can carry two oxygen tanks, two IV fluids delivery systems, oxygen saturation and EKG monitors, chest tube collection canisters, urinary catheter bags and additional collection devices for various specialties.

According to Blickman EVP, Nick Marinis, "Nezzie can improve the patient's sense of well-being; reduce strain on nurses and physical therapists and potentially shorten a patient's length of stay."

"We are committed to providing innovative products that enhance patient safety and reduce costs to hospitals," says Marinis.

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Attendees at the Combined Sessions Meeting (CSM) of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) in Indianapolis, February 4 - 7, can learn more about Nezzie at Blickman Booth #932 or by visiting and clicking "Schedule a Demo".

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