Lightning Round: What to do with McDonald's

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

McDonald's: "You want to hold on to this stock. They had some changes at the top and Mr. Thompson is out, and they've got a new CEO Eastbrook coming in. I think that could make some change happen, so I want you to hold on to McDonald's. If anything, I want you to buy some McDonald's."

General Mills: "This stock won't quit. If you noticed, even though it missed a couple of times and last quarter was actually good, this is one of those stocks that if it comes down tomorrow because the market is ugly; you pull the trigger on General Mills."

M&T Bank Corp: "M&T—you got it right! I was thinking you were going to say KeyCorp or First Horizon. But M&T is terrific, I suggest that remember interest rates are going down, and someone's going to cut numbers at the banks. You pull the trigger on MTB, that's a great call."

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Isis Pharmaceuticals: "You've played with the house's money by selling it, and now you let it ride. I don't want you touching it. I think you just let it go."

Zulily Inc: "Zulily has really disappointed me. I expected better from them and I thought they could really be the next great one. I like bricks and mortar, if you get Nordstrom at $75 that's a lot better than Zulily down here."

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