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Uber for retailers: Busier hours means more pay

A shuttle picks up people touring the headquarters in Henderson, Nevada.
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Already known for its nontraditional workplace structure, Amazon-owned online retailer Zappos is taking things one step further with a new scheduling strategy that channels the likes of Uber.

In an effort to eliminate an antiquated system that had customer service representatives sign up for their desired shifts on a sheet of paper, with preference given to those with seniority, the company has developed a new platform that pays employees more for working during busier shifts.

It's similar to the model that rideshare app Uber uses to charge customers, in that the cost goes up when there is a surge in activity.

According to Fortune, employees who work "in the early hours of weekdays," when there is heavy volume coming from the East Coast, will receive higher hourly pay than those who work during less chaotic times, such as the weekend.

The program's goal is to build a "free-market system" that puts more power in the hands of employees, Zappos' Adam Goldstein told Fortune.

Employees working in Zappos' customer service department make, on average, $14.50 an hour.

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