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Why Apple's gonna roll higher this year

Cramer: Own Apple, don't trade it

Apple reported yet another mind-blowing quarter this week, and while Jim Cramer is already hearing the skeptical questions from investors—he thinks this amazing stock could roar even higher this year.

"Staggering, but can it continue?"

"Doesn't it have to run out, now?"

"The law of large numbers says it can't stay like this"

Cramer has heard these questions, but the standard answers don't apply because Apple is an animal of its own class.

Workers prepare for the opening of an Apple store in China.
Chance Chan | Reuters

"Those questions have been among the most costly series of inquiries imaginable. They have, for years, kept you from owning the greatest stock of the greatest company on the face of the Earth," said the "Mad Money" host.

These skeptics doubted the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, and the new iPhones four, five and six. They even doubted the big iPhone and thought China would hate the new phones. Yet, every one of these initiatives ended up being amazing.

So, while the skeptics may have moved on to doubting the Apple watch and Apple Pay, Cramer still stands his ground by continuing to advise investors to own Apple, don't trade it.

Why not trade Apple?

Cramer has seen the mistakes of other investors who left a ton of money on the table because they were worried that the stock couldn't go any higher.

At this point, Apple management has earned Cramer's trust. So, if they say something is big, it will be and the stock will climb. Give them the benefit of the doubt.

"If Tim Cook says, as he did on the call, that he can't live without his watch then you will probably not be able to live without your watch."

So, if Apple says there is still demand for their phones, and that most people haven't upgraded or bought an iPhone yet—believe the tech giant.

This is another reason why Cramer thinks this year could be the year that Apple rules retail. He speculated that those retailers that have not yet adopted Apple Pay will have to this year just to protect themselves from the customers who demand it.

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"Apple's going to roll retail like it did record companies," Cramer said.

The "Mad Money" host is on Cook's side. After all, numbers don't lie and Apple has put out some monstrous numbers.

Cramer's bottom line? Own it, don't trade it. You and your portfolio will be thanking him in the future.

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