Get your baby a unique name for $32,000

Adam Gault | OJO Images | Getty Images

Want a name for your baby that has never been used before and comes with its own mythology? Well, you better be willing to fork out $32,000 to enlist the help of a new Swiss company called Erfolgswelle, reports Newser.

The company creates a list of names that have been checked by copywriters, historians, translators and lawyers to ensure they are actually unique and won't offend in any other languages, according to the publication.

"We follow a creation process that takes around 100 hours," company CEO Marc Hauser told BuzzFeed.

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Once a name has been chosen by the baby's parent from a list, Erfolgswelle will write up a history and mythology to accompany it. But the company can't guarantee that once the name is out there, no one else will use it.

But how does $32,000 compare with the cost of raising a child in the first place? According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the average cost of a baby until age two in 2013 was $11,260 to $23,870 depending on the income group.

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