Biogenic Reagents Highlights Success of Recently Patented Product

New Bio-Carbon Adopted by More than 50 Municipalities Across North America in 2014

Biogenic Outperforms Legacy Coal-Based Carbons and Continues to Revolutionize Water Purification

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 29, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Biogenic Reagents ("Biogenic"), a leading manufacturer of versatile, high-performance carbon products made from renewable resources and producer of over a dozen leading-edge patent-pending carbon technologies, today announced the success of its recently patented renewable activated carbon product for water purification. Biogenic, in collaboration with Thatcher Chemical, a leading distributer of water purification products, recently has been selected for use by dozens of municipalities across North America to purify their drinking water supplies. Over the past six months, in processes in which they participated, Biogenic and Thatcher achieved the highest winning percentage in the competitive bidding processes for the municipal water purification activated carbon market and won more supply awards than all of the competitors combined.

The product, which goes by the commercial name UAC-H20, is made from wood in Biogenic's proprietary process and has greater purity and absorption than traditional coal-based carbons that have been used in the past. UAC-H20's production and use are both highly sustainable, as Biogenic uses renewable energy in its manufacture, and its application produces no wastewater, unlike its coal-based competitors.

"We are pleased to collaborate with Thatcher and together be able to supply these important products to purify the drinking water for millions of people," said James Mennell, Biogenic's Chief Executive Officer. "It is better for the environment and better for our municipal customers, driving both sustainability and lower costs. Thatcher's distribution network and deep experience has allowed us to rapidly meet customer demands with new products made possible by the most recent expansion at our plant, the largest advanced bio-carbon production facility in North America. We are eager to continue to revolutionize the water purification industry, displace legacy coal-based products, and lead the activated carbon market with this exciting product and successful partnership."

"The incredible performance of these products, coupled with its lower cost, has been key to the rapid market adoption of this new product," said Craig Thatcher, Thatcher's President. "It is simply proving to work better to remove contaminants from drinking water."

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Biogenic Reagents is a developer and producer of versatile, high-performance carbon products made from renewable resources. The company offers less expensive, higher-performing and cleaner alternatives to traditional coal-based carbon products. Privately held, Biogenic Reagents is headquartered in Minnesota with a production facility in Michigan. More information about Biogenic can be found at

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Thatcher Company is a diversified chemical manufacturer, repackager and distributor. The company was founded in 1967 and has grown to be a major chemical supplier in the United States and overseas. Privately held, Thatcher is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah with 12 plants in seven states. More information about Thatcher can be found at

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