From hedge funds to juice, and back again

Michael Karsch
Getty Images

Michael Karsch is hoping to apply the lessons of juice to hedge funds.

The prominent investor closed his stock-focused Karsch Capital Management in 2013 after 13 years and peak assets of $3.4 billion. He then invested and helped build Juice Press, a New York-area chain of juice bars that sells ultra-healthy vegan beverages. The business, founded by former professional Thai boxer Marcus Antebi, has grown to more than two dozen locations and a valuation of $100 million, up from about $15 million when he first invested.

The experience of building a positive culture there inspired Karsch to get back into the hedge-fund game, and the 46-year-old plans to launch a new firm later this year.

"I had a chance to, on a clean basis, start again, and I found myself doing a better job understanding how to motivate other people," Karsch said in an interview Friday. "If I can apply the principals of how Juice Press was built, from a cultural standpoint, and get back to being more hands on ... I know I'd love more than anything to build in the industry I know best, a money management firm."