Diet Doc Patients are Learning How to Look Younger and Feel Better With Prescription Sermorelin hGH Anti-Aging Therapy

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 2, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Diet Doc has discovered the secret to youth and is teaching their patients how to look younger and feel better with improved sleep quality and energy levels, reduced wrinkles, increased libido and improved mood and memory. Their newly developed Sermorelin hGH anti-aging therapy has received rave reviews from people throughout the country by enabling the body to restore its natural secretion of the powerful hGH hormone to a more youthful time.

Aside from patients learning how to look younger and feel better, a study of additional benefits include:

- 15% average decrease in fat;
- 8% average increase in muscle/lean body structure;
- Increased bone density;
- Swifter healing of injuries, fractures and wounds;
- Improved immune system/more resistance to infection;
- Improvement in overall physical and mental well-being;
- Improved exercise tolerance;
- Improved mineral balance;
- Improved heart and kidney function.

Human growth hormone, hGH, a hormone that is naturally produced by the pituitary gland, typically peaks during the teenage years. The production of this powerful hormone naturally declines as the body ages leaving people feeling and looking old and tired. Diet Doc's Sermorelin hGH anti-aging therapy is a protein which causes the body to naturally increase levels of its own hGH. This safe and natural alternative boosts hGH levels.

Unlike illegal human growth hormone, Sermorelin hGH is manufactured in U.S. based, FDA approved pharmacies. Because this powerful anti-aging therapy cannot be obtained without a valid doctor prescription, Diet Doc cautions consumers to carefully research internet companies that offer hGH without a prescription. While the hGH may be presented as pure, these products are manufactured outside of the U.S., without safety guidelines, and may contain unknown and dangerous fillers.

Diet Doc patients who are interested in prescription Sermorelin hCG anti-aging therapy will first consult online with a highly trained doctor. Baseline bloodwork and assessment of the pituitary gland enables the doctor to prescribe the dosage that will provide the most benefit, as well as to ensure that hGH levels remain within safe and stable levels throughout the 3-6 month course of treatment. And, because Diet Doc has partnered with Telemedicine, patients can consult with the doctor via the internet to avoid time consuming and costly visits to doctor's offices and can have their Sermorelin hCG anti-aging therapy delivered directly to their home or office. Each shipment will be accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis, performed by a third party laboratory, detailing the quality and quantity of all active ingredients.

Call Diet Doc today to schedule a consultation to learn how to look younger and feel better with newly developed, prescription Sermorelin hCG anti-aging therapy.

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