U.S. Is Engine Driving Global Markets: Strategist

One of the biggest bulls on the street is making a bold call on U.S. markets: Stay bullish.

Oppenheimer S&P 500 target for 2015 is 2,311 which would represent a 16% rally.

"We believe U.S. equities remain in bull market mode, as both broad fundamentals and the economy continue to improve. We continue to recommend an overweight exposure to U.S. equities as the United States economy leads internationals in the recovery and geopolitical tensions make headlines," said John Stoltzfus, Chief Market Strategist at Oppenheimer.

U.S. stocks have underperformed this year, down more than 3% while European stocks have soared more than 7% on the back of ECB's President Mario Draghi's QE program.

"We suggest investors banish the thought that the U.S. economy and its global-facing markets have or will decouple from the economies and markets of other regions around the world," added Stoltzfus.