Billionaire’s 'secret daughter' demands income for 77 years

Teenage heiress' list of demands

If you think the battle over Robin Williams' estate is nasty, consider the fight over the fortune of Michael Wright.

The Australian mining billionaire left an estate worth 2.7 billion Australian dollars ($2.1 billion) when he died in 2012. But now, a previously unknown daughter is asking for bigger share of his estate.

The 19-year-old student, named Olivia Mead, was left A$3 million in Wright's will, along with an allowance for 30 years. Yet she wants more—a lot more. And she's given the court a shopping list, according to The West Australian.

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Specifically, the paper said she wants a A$2.5 million house, to be refurbished twice at a cost of A$500,000.

Supreme Court in Perth, Western Australia
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She wants a A$250,000 diamond-studded bass guitar—made out of 10,000-year-old Siberian mammoth ivory, 24-carat gold inlay and knobs topped with 3.3 carat diamonds—valued at A$250,000. For playing along with the bass, she also wants a A$1.2 million crystal-encrusted piano.

She also wants payment for all of her expenses for the next 77 years, until she turns 96. Those include five pairs of A$5,000 shoes a year, 20 pairs of A$300 shoes a year, A$40,000 a year for holidays, two cars, A$10,000 a year for handbags and fashion accessories and A$2,014 a year to keep an axolotl, a salamander also known as a Mexican walking fish.

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She is also claiming A$300 a week for clothes, A$800 a week for food and alcohol, A$400 a week for restaurant bills and A$150 a week for fine wine—all for life.

Mead is suing Wright's estate and his two other daughters for her requests, saying she's been left "without adequate provisions in her father's will."

To read the full report in The West Australian, click here.

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