Cramer: UPS has a ‘logistics problem’

After its latest guidance, UPS is showing signs of having some internal problems.

"They have a logistics problem, and they're the logistics expert, which I think is problematic," Jim Cramer said on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" on Tuesday. "How could you guide down and then cut again?"

Cramer made his remarks after the shipping company posted quarterly earnings of $1.25 per share on $15.9 billion in revenue. Wall Street expected earnings per share of $1.25 on $15.8 billion in revenue. Nevertheless, UPS said its quarterly results were below its own expectations.

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Cramer also compared UPS' guidance to the Seattle Seahawks at the end of Sunday's Super Bowl. "The problem with UPS is kind of like the Seattle Seahawks," he said. "You have to wait a full year before they come back. UPS not only threw a pick, but it's almost like they intended to throw it."

The company also needs to buy back shares in order to start correcting its latest blunders. "They have to do a big buyback," Cramer said. "They've got to boost back the dividend, [and] they've got to start being a little more tough."

Disclosure: When this story was published, Cramer's trust owned UPS stock.