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Cramer's calling on Walter White

Cramer's calling on Walter White

Talk about a change of course! It looks like the market has changed its mind in February and gone from straight up Walter White-style breaking bad to breaking good. At least, that's what Jim Cramer thought when he watched the averages rally on Tuesday.

There were so many once-broken things that contributed to the market rally for the past two days that Cramer decided to review exactly what led to it.

First is currency. Just last week, investors feared that the euro would remain in free fall status for eternity and throw the industrial recovery of the U.S. into a panic. Just last Tuesday, the rumors were that the dollar would move another 10 percent higher and could happen overnight.

"If all those companies that reported last month were to report now, you would've seen far more guide-ups than guide-downs. It's a gigantic do-over, and that's why the market is roaring," said Cramer.

As of right now, it looks like we have found the bottom for oil, the euro, interest rates and copper. Even consumer spending is better than initially thought. Talk about a total reversal!

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Jim Cramer on Mad Money.
Regina Gilgan | CNBC

With the price of crude making a dramatic rebound lately, Cramer thinks it is time to circle back to his absolute favorite energy stock, Kinder Morgan.

Kinder Morgan is a very large pipeline operator that basically acts as a toll-road operator for the transport of natural gas, refined petroleum products and carbon dioxide. This means it is not as sensitive as most other energy stocks to the fluctuation to the price of crude.

However, Cramer sees that it is perfectly positioned to benefit from many growth opportunities in the pipeline space.

To get an inside perspective on the oil patch and where it could be headed this year, Cramer spoke with Rich Kinder, the CEO of Kinder Morgan International.

"We are on the prowl; we would like to make more acquisitions, if they can be accretive acquisitions that work for our shareholders," Kinder said.

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Now that we have seen the bulk of earnings season—what's the verdict? Cramer was actually surprised to find out what companies were the winners this time around. A totally unexpected group swept the stage.

Most would say that it has been mildly disappointing, and a lot of companies have guided down. But the "Mad Money" host has a different perspective.

"The reality is, there are two earnings seasons: we have the domestic companies, almost all of which so far have been spectacular and I think will only get better, and we have the big international companies…that have been pretty suboptimal," said Cramer.

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The entrance for the Kinder Morgan Tank Farm in British Columbia, Canada.
Ben Nelms | Reuters

One of the groups that have made a surprising comeback is the industrial stocks. For instance, Eaton Corp reported on Tuesday and blew away the numbers, sending the stock up 8 percent in one day.

Eaton is a traditional industrial company that manufactures electrical control products, power management systems, hydraulics, truck transmissions and aerospace systems.

And despite the currency stress that the company faces, it still delivered a 7 cent earnings beat. Could this stock continue be a long-term winner? Cramer spoke with Eaton CEO Sandy Cutler to find out what he has in store for the future.

"It's likely we are going to one of two things, or maybe a mixture of them. A higher buyback or we will get back into the M&A market if we see an attractive opportunity. We think it's a really exciting time for shareholders for Eaton," Cutler said.

With the market rallying in the past few days, Cramer decided to revisit a company that reported during the breaking bad days of January, just to make sure he didn't miss anything.

Fortinet is a cybersecurity company that offers products and services that allow clients to detect and eliminate threats without locking down their entire computer system. The company reported last week and had in-line earnings and higher than expected revenues.

However, investors were spooked when the company announced it would invest heavily to grow the business, thus reducing earnings per share. Could it be locking in a secure path to profits for the future?

Cramer spoke with Drew Del Matto, chief financial officer of Fortinet, who commented on the worsening state of the cybersecurity environment.

"I think it's bad, and it's ongoing. A year ago we were talking about Target and credit cards, and now we're talking about Sony. So we've gone from credit cards to crisis," said Del Matto.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Tyson Foods: "It's had a big run, people feel like that the easy comparisons are now over because in the end it is a commodity. I hate to call a chicken a commodity, but that's what it is. Don't buy."

Celgene Corporation: "Celgene is going lower, because the group is going lower. There's a big rotation out of the biotech and into names like Eaton. That's what happens periodically."

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