CannaBrands Launches Marijuana Soda Brands in Washington -- The Green Cloud Collective Becomes First to Receive Products

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Feb. 3, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CannaBrands, Inc. (OTC:CBMJ) announced that it has launched a line of six marijuana infused sodas for medical distribution in the state of Washington. The sodas will first be available at The Green Cloud Collective in Lynden WA.

The six soda brands are Silly Citrus, Cheer Root Beer, Orange Frost, Giggle Fruit Punch, Lemon Freeze, and the much anticipated Cheeba Cola. The products will be available at The Green Cloud Collective beginning Wednesday and will begin rolling out to other outlets by the end of the week.

CEO of CannaBrands, Inc. Mark Schaftlein stated: "We are very proud of the branding of Washington's premiere sodas and we expect to roll out these and other products throughout WA State as well as other states very shortly. At CannaBrands we hold our company and our products to the highest standards differentiating our brands and our organization from others in the market. The expansion of our distribution channel continues to solidify our position as a leader in the branding of marijuana related products and services."

The Green Cloud Collective Founder David Palmer stated: "There is a very strong demand for premium infused products that are easily consumable. We expect the line of sodas to become a favorite amongst the community and welcome the level of professionalism that CannaBrands brings to this emerging industry."

About CannaBrands, Inc.:

The business of CannaBrands is developing and licensing uniquely branded specialty goods targeted to cannabis consumers residing in the states where the production and consumption of cannabis infused products, such as bottled sodas, coffee beverages, baked goods and other cannabis related products are legal for persons 21 years or over.

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