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'Hinge' On Growth

Hinge: Dating app to meet 'real people'

Justin McLeod, founder and CEO, of mobile dating app Hinge joined The Halftime Report today to discuss the newest trend towards mobile dating. Online dating may have once had a negative stigma, but it is rapidly becoming a large part of the millennial dating scene.

Hinge differentiates itself from the market leader, Tinder by only connecting you with friends of friends rather than any person who is in the same area. McLeod says the app is designed to help facilitate introductions to people who users would meet in real life.

While the number of Hinge users is not released to the public, McLeod told CNBC that the number is growing 20% a month. Good news for the company which has no revenue so far and who future may literally be 'Hinging' on continued growth.