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Pro: Buy this fast-food stock

Pro: Buy this fast food stock

Yum Brands, operator of Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC, reports earnings Wednesday afternoon, and "Fast Money " trader Tim Seymour says you should buy the stock on the dip he expects after earnings.

Seymour believes there are three major obstacles the company has to overcome: currency volatility, a CEO change and a slowdown in China. And issues in its China sales have been a problem for the company over the past three years. He expects Yum Brands will have a disappointing quarter, but that will give investors a chance to buy the stock.

"Look at the levels, $70 is a long-term level the stock has held over the last two years," Seymour said. "This is a level I think the stock will trade back down to, because they've disappointed the last three earnings numbers."

Seymour recommends taking profits at about $80 a share, while using the $65 level as a stop out. Over the past year, shares of Yum Brands are up about 10 percent.

DISCLOSURE: Tim Seymour has no position in YUM

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