School Specialty Unveils Innovative NeoClass(TM) Furniture Line for the 21st Century Classroom

GREENVILLE, Wis., Feb. 4, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- School Specialty, Inc. (OTCQB:SCOO) ("School Specialty" or "the Company"), a leading distributor of supplies, furniture and both supplemental and curriculum products to the education marketplace, today announced the launch of its new NeoClass™ furniture line, designed to fulfill the versatile needs of the 21st Century Classroom. The modern school furnishings are distinctive, offering students and teachers the increased flexibility they need for a dynamic learning environment.

Available only from School Specialty, NeoClass is the latest offering from the Company's Classroom Select furniture division, which has worked closely with educators and architects for more than 50 years to deliver top-line equipment and furnishings for educational settings. Each piece of NeoClass furniture is made specifically to support both the teaching and learning experience, and to promote the forward-thinking initiatives of a 21st Century Classroom. The comprehensive furniture offering is constructed to meet ergonomic needs and stimulate student alertness, while maintaining optimal comfort for an enjoyable classroom experience. NeoClass products enable greater mobility by allowing teachers to quickly and easily reconfigure classroom layouts that accommodate various instructional methods, whether via a collaborative discussion, individual project, or traditional group lecture.

Al Hoeppner, Vice President of Furniture & Equipment at School Specialty commented, "We are excited to introduce the innovative NeoClass furniture line to campuses nationwide, as these products represent School Specialty's ongoing commitment to providing all that is required for 21st Century Learning success. The proprietary NeoClass line allows teachers to seamlessly support a multitude of learning environments, with student engagement and comfort top-of-mind. NeoClass is the ideal furniture solution for the needs of the modern-day classroom."

In addition to making the best use of a classroom's collaborative elements, School Specialty's NeoClass offering works to advance student achievement, particularly through the NeoMove™ and NeoRok™ solutions. NeoMove and NeoRok provide a wide range of seating and stool options that focus specifically on motion. These unique furniture pieces allow users to move gently (forward, backward, or side-to-side) in their seats, generating a calming effect and encouraging them to concentrate. This is especially beneficial for students with special needs, including those with hyperactive or attention deficit behaviors, where sitting still can be a challenge and distraction in the learning environment.

Mr. Hoeppner continued, "At School Specialty, we understand that every student has unique needs, and for some the ability to remain active, yet focused, is absolutely essential to their learning. Our NeoMove and NeoRok furnishings allow motion even when students are sitting down, giving them a sense of freedom and a means to channel their energy without interfering with their ability to concentrate on classroom activities. We are proud to offer NeoMove and NeoRok as part of School Specialty's continually innovative and progressive educational offerings that ensure every student reaches their full potential."

The NeoClass line provides educators the critical capabilities they require to foster the whole learning experience in a modern context. Every piece of furniture offered under the new line promotes efficiency and versatility, a requirement for 21st Century Classrooms. The brand-new line comes in a wide variety of sleek designs and distinctive colors, which create aesthetically pleasing rooms that encourage school pride and the joy of learning. The NeoClass line will be available to ship beginning April 15, 2015.

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