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How make money from the violent market swings

Cramer: The 'Scarface' market

With violent moves and bloodshed everywhere, Jim Cramer thinks this market is like watching the movie "Scarface." So, for the moment he would rather talk about the wild swings of the market and what caused them instead of Greek bonds, and what's not behind them.

"I say we have to understand the violence, if not embrace it, to see if we can profit from both the damage and the extreme moves to the upside that might not yet be finished," said the "Mad Money" host.

There were just too many market casualties to count today. But the bloodiest of them all was Chipotle, when it dropped 7 percent in one day. Most investors wanted out of the stock before same-store sales plummeted any further and consider the stock too difficult to own.

Al Pacino portrays Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant turned kingpin, in a scene from the film "Scarface."
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Cramer thinks that judgment was wrong and that the quarter got a bad rap because of the decision not to take pork from a supplier who treated the pigs inhumanely. This shortsighted view of Chipotle's guidance does not take the company into long-term consideration.

"Stocks that are down this big in one day tend to go down big again the next. You buy on day three. That's been the right move every time for Chipotle. I think it will be so again," said the "Mad Money" host.

Scarface's next little friend was Gilead. This stock stinks so bad that it brought down the whole group when it decided to cut its price dramatically for its Hepatitis C drug. Even its competitor AbbVie is getting killed. Investors want out of companies with competition in an effort to make money.

Cramer's take is to play the healthcare cost containment plays, as they will ultimately have the upper hand. Start with buying biotechs with no competition, such as Celgene and Regeneron.

Then there was the slaughter for oils. The price for black gold just ran too much too fast this week. A 19 percent gain is unsustainable in any commodity, let alone oil. The market was due for a decline.

Though the oil stocks could come down a bit more, Cramer considers them buys. He recommended Royal Dutch Shell, EOG, Halliburton and Schlumberger. The trick is to buy quality in violent situations like this.

The final victim of the day was Ralph Lauren, down $29 after it reported negative same-store sales. Cramer maintained that it's the big box retailers like Dollar General that do better in this environment, not Ralph Lauren.

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The stocks that were able to triumph over Tony Montana on Wednesday were Disney, Edwards Lifesciences, and J.M. Smucker with its acquisition in the pet food space of Big Heart Pet brands.

"Just remember that stocks are like vampires—they can roar back to life, especially if they help themselves, as the winners have in so many cases since this market's bottom almost five years ago in 2009."

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