Officials see China link in Anthem hack: Report

Hackers who carried out the massive Anthem data breach may not have acted for profit.

Officials have probed whether the Anthem attack and similar "phishing" operations were used to procure personal information that could eventually be used as leverage to gain intelligence, the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg reported. Some evidence gathered points to Chinese state-sponsored hackers, they wrote, citing people familiar with the probe.

Investigators are tracking evidence that points to a pattern of thefts of personal data from defense contractors and other government workers, according to the reports. China has previously said that it doesn't spy through hacking.

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The attack, which the health insurer announced on Wednesday, exposed personal information of 80 million customers. Data released included names, birth dates and Social Security numbers.

U.S. officials for more than a year have investigated signs of a broader campaign to pilfer healthcare data, Bloomberg said, citing an official close to the investigation. The Anthem attack follows devastating breaches of high-profile companies like Sony Entertainment Pictures and Target.

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