Directors From Cintas, Nordstrom, Reckitt Benckiser, ManpowerGroup and Others Become NACD Fellows

WASHINGTON, Feb. 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) today announced the names of more than 150 corporate directors who became NACD Fellows during the fourth quarter of 2014.

NACD Fellowship is a widely recognized indication that a director has completed a comprehensive program of study developed exclusively to educate directors on current, relevant boardroom issues and best practices. Completion of this rigorous program demonstrates these directors' commitment to exemplary governance – to both investors and peers.

"The focus on the credentials of directors will only become more intense as the effort to improve corporate governance continues," stated Jim Brady, NACD Board Leadership Fellow and former director of Constellation Energy Group, McCormick & Co. and T. Rowe Price. "NACD Fellow status is a differentiating factor that governance constituencies will highly value."

Anne Sheehan, director of corporate governance at CalSTRS concurred from an investor's standpoint: "America needs well-rounded directors who are sensitive to public company shareowners, and who can clearly demonstrate their value on proxy disclosures. I always look forward to meeting NACD Fellows."

The NACD Fellowship community is backed by more than 35 years of authority and research, and represents the combined knowledge capital of hundreds of today's leading companies. As individuals, NACD Fellows offer exemplary value through their ongoing learnings and insights.

"Directors who choose to enhance their skills and knowledge base by becoming NACD Fellows demonstrate to company management, shareholders, and their peers a desire to perform their fiduciary duties to the best of their abilities," said Ken Daly, CEO of NACD. "I am pleased to recognize these distinguished leaders who are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of governance."

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Individuals Named NACD Board Leadership Fellows:

Aldonna R. Ambler James A. Diegel, FACHE J. Thomas Lundy
Michael J. Ancius Cari M. Dominguez Jason Mann
Cheryl A. Bachelder William H. Easter, III Michael Marquardt
Melanie W. Barstad I. Steven Edelson Israel P. Martinez, Jr.
Robert A. Bass Carolyn S. Egbert, Esq. John Milinovich
Deborah Bevier Sara L. Faivre-Davis, PhD Linda Eileen Miller
Cheemin Bo-Linn Manuel Figueroa-Collazo Tonia Pankopf
Mark P. Borman Catherine Alicia Georges Caroline S. Pisano
Shelaghmichael C. Brown Jonathan D. Giuliano, PhD Gregory P. Raih, CPA
Howard Brod Brownstein Thomas S. Glanville Virgil Robinson, Jr.
Eugene M. Bullis Jo Ann Golden Joan Ruff
Stephen Byers Bruce Hanks Richard Schroth
Phyllis J. Campbell John G. Harte Nancy Sclater
Thomas Chandler Lawrence Hibbard Catherine A. Sohn
Jay J. Choi, Esq Lee S. Hillman M. Jeannine Strandjord, CPA
Roxanne J. Coady Brad J. Holiday Shaun Thaxter
Charlotte W. Collins, JD Leslie Ann Howard Francisco Tonarely-Barreto
Carol L. Coughlin William Humphreys Michael Ward
Alan R. Crain, Jr. Mark E. Jensen, CPA Lynn A. Wentworth
John M. Cranor, III Stephen Johnson Frederica M. Williams
Terence J. Cryan Daniel G. Kaye Eugene H.S. Wong, CFA
Michael R. Cunningham David R. Kayser
Mary Schmid Daugherty, CFA Ann Knapp

Individuals Named NACD Governance Fellows:

Allan Allford Judith S. Heeter Albert Payne, DDS
Terri M. Alvarado Jimmy B. Hicks Deborah A. Peacock
Subash Anbu Thomas M. Honan Gale S. Pollock, FAAN
Brian Becker David W. Howerton Paul W. Reed, MBA
Paul J. Belair Kelly Huang, PhD Jane L. Repensek, CPA
Suzanne Berry Julia Inestroza Connie M. Roy-Czyzowski
Peter Bible, CPA Paul Jolas Nicholas P. Santrizos
Scott Bright Scott Jones Sandra K. Scott
Lyndell B. Brooks Paul F. Judge Patrick N. Shaffner
Julie Browne Redley Killion Jaan E. Sidorov, MD
Patricia Browne William Kraut Adam Silva
Martin Brunk Michael F. Lackland Arthur L. Smith
Scott Carlton George Levicki Cindy Sobieski
Amy Carpenter Steven G. Mahon Douglas W. Squasoni
Jesse M. Chancellor Sylvia Mayer Joseph C. Stewart, III
George N. Cochran Lark McCarthy Harry N. Stout
Mary Allis Curran Patrick A. McGuire Greg Stuart
Laura Czelada Gail McKee, CAE Thomas J. Thornburg
Patricia A. Dailey, MD Richard G. Miles Terry G. Tyler
William H. Dawson Charles Moore Didier J. Varlet
Jack Dignum Jared C. Morris Jennifer C. Voss, Esq.
Brad Elliott Jack Neureuter Guy M. Walsh
Michelle A. Friel, Esq Philip D. Nicotra Larry Ward
Dennis J. Gannon Bruce Nitsche Doron Weber
Mary E. Good Stephanie Olexa, PhD Ronald H. Wender
Mark D. Goodman Steven R. Olson Bernardo Wolfson
Jerry K. Greig Billie R. Otto, CPA Courtland R. Wyatt
Lorraine J. Hariton Richard W. Park George R. Zoffinger
Anne R. Harris Nathan I. Partain
William Hawley Rebecca J. Patchin, MD

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