MotionDSP Launches Ikena Forensic 5.0 to Uncover the Truth in Video Surveillance

Burlingame, CA, Feb. 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MotionDSP, a leading provider of image processing and computer vision software, today announced Ikena Forensic 5.0, the most advanced version of the company's military-grade software that applies multiple advanced algorithms to improve video fidelity. Organizations serving a number of industries, including law enforcement and commercial security, can now deploy the same video data mining technology used by Scotland Yard, Raytheon and the United States Air Force.

"Ikena Forensic 5.0 changes the way we see crime videos," said MotionDSP CEO and founder Sean Varah. "Hours of video are captured from a variety of security cameras, and often they are unusable due to poor fidelity. Using Forensic 5.0, what used to take weeks to see can now be identified in a matter of seconds, so law enforcement can act quickly."

MotionDSP also announced a technology partnership with SiraView, to make proprietary video compatible so anyone can view the resulting video files. Surveillance cameras use a variety of formats, so when videos are sent to law enforcement, they are often not readable, and therefore, not helpful. Using Forensic 5.0, law enforcement agencies using can view and act on video files taken from antiquated cameras.

In addition to Ikena Forensic 5.0, Motion DSP is also introducing Ikena Measure, a new photogrammetry tool that enables users to measure objects or people from their videos. Ikena Measure can extrapolate the height, width, distance and angles of an object or mass from any video frame with just three measurements, versus eight or nine needed with other applications. Users are able to measure objects in their video that cannot be re-measured after the fact, either because they are no longer present (e.g. suspects, skid marks, blood stains), items were overlooked during initial inspections or because the site where the video was shot is no longer accessible. This innovative technology is yet another way that MotionDSP helps customers find essential facts and truths in their video.

"All the features in this software are a direct result of our close partnership with customers. We work closely with them, and we are analysts ourselves. Most of us having spent years working to get to better answers faster through video analysis," commented Varah.

Video plays an important role in our lives, from identifying a suspect in a robbery to finding the source of a forest fire. MotionDSP software provides experts with the ability to use video and its data to gain valuable insights about what's happening around the world. Combining the efficiency and speed of image processing and computer vision with the nuance of human experts creates a unique approach to finding truth in video that may not be able to be captured with just a computer, or just a human. The combination of expert eyes and software is powerful.

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