This hotel will be staffed by robots

Rendering of Henn-Na Hotel with robots in Tokyo
Source: Henn Na Hotel

The robots are coming. But perhaps not in the way we thought.

A theme park in Japan is opening a high-tech hotel that will be staffed by robots, according to the hotel's website.

The hotel will open in July will be called Henn-Na Hotel, which translates in English to "Strange Hotel."

At its open, the futuristic hotel owned by Huis Ten Bosch will open with three "actroids," or robots that resemble humans, that will service as receptionists and will be capable of conversing with humans. It will also have several service and porter robots, which will be responsible for cleaning and other maintenance tasks, according to a CNN report.

Eventually, though, the president of Huis Ten Bosch Hideo Sawada said that the company aims to have more than 90 percent of hotel services operated by robots, according to a Japan Times report.

The hotel will also feature facial recognition technology that will replace keys in giving guests access to their room.

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Rates for a room at the hotel will range from 7,000 yen ($60) to 14,000 yen ($119), according to the report.

While Henn-na Hotel's use of robots is bit more novel, it isn't the first hotel to employ robots to do traditionally human tasks. Yotel, a hospitality company that has hotels all over the world, uses robots to do things like carry guests' baggage.