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Allons-y! Lego is about to get a little more sonic

Peter Capaldi, the 12th Doctor, poses with his on-screen companion Jenna Coleman during a world tour to promote the new season of “Doctor Who” in Sydney.
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Whovians will soon be able to build their own T.A.R.D.I.S. thanks to Lego, who announced on Wednesday it plans to produce a "Doctor Who"-themed product.

The "Doctor Who and Companions" project was selected by the company through Lego Ideas, an online community that designs and votes on potential Lego sets.

Projects that gain 10,000 supporters qualify to be presented to the Lego review board. The board is composed of set designers and marketing representatives who evaluate the projects based on play-ability, safety and how well the kit fits with the Lego brand.

Andy Clark is the designer behind the "Doctor Who" project. His submission includes The Doctor's iconic Tardis placed on a set that resembles Totters Lane. The Lego Tardis has the capability of opening and attaching to an interior set resembling the Doctor's console.


The project suggests that Lego make two main mini-figures: an iteration of the Doctor and one of his companions. Clark proposed several Doctor/Companion duos, but ultimately Lego will decide which doctor (or how many) will be featured with the set. He also suggested mini-figures of a weeping angel, dalek and K9 to accompany the pair.

This is the third set to be approved by the Lego review board for the 2014 submission period. Lego also approved a bird project featuring a robin, blue jay and hummingbird, as well as a the living room of Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter from "The Big Bang Theory."

Clark will receive one percent of the total net sales of the set, five complimentary copies and will be credited in set materials.

Lego has not released the final product design, pricing or availability of the "Doctor Who" product.