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Inflation returns? CNBC revives the ECB euro sign!

Peter Ruddick, Special to CNBC.com

It was the trademark image of the European Central Bank but when Mario Draghi and his team moved across Frankfurt to their shiny new headquarters, the famous illuminated euro sign didn't follow.

So CNBC decided to do something about it. It isn't just the central bank with hopes of inflation now CNBC has positioned our very own blow-up euro symbol firmly outside the HQ.

Just a couple of weeks after Draghi launched QE and the sign is now celebrating a launch of its own after joining Twitter.

Inflation's back! CNBC revives the ECB euro sign

The CNBC sign is tweeting and is picking up followers faster than a Greek Finance Minister dashing between European capitals. A number of things are already clear: the sign is a Draghi devotee, is no fan of the Bundesbank and occasionally requires a bit of light propping-up given the wind in Frankfurt.



Rumor has it the sign, unlike its firmly anchored predecessor, will be travelling and plans to head to Cyprus within weeks.

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