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Cramer's earnings plan: MAS, CVS & more

It is no secret to that as investors close in on the end of earnings season, it has been a vast disappointment. But not to Jim Cramer! In fact, he loved that the earnings were so terrible because it sets the bar really low for the rest of the year. And low expectations equal more money in your pocket.

When a majority of companies reported earlier in the year they cited disappointing earnings due to three points:

1. The strength of the U.S. dollar

2. European was in the middle of being beaten down

3. The lower price of oil had not yet penetrated its way through the system

Now the landscape has changed.

"I see the dollar putting in a top, I see Europe getting better than expected. I see order where others right now are gripped by chaos," said the "Mad Money" host.

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This changing backdrop means that when companies report next week, investors won't hear CEO's whine and complain about all of the headwinds out there. Yippee!

This means that most companies reporting will be basking in the glow of low oil, better employment and insanely low mortgage rates.

With this in mind, here are the companies that Cramer will be watching next week:

Monday: Masco, Dun & Bradstreet
Masco: This cabinet, plumbing and paint maker has a ton of business in Europe. Cramer suspects it will have a risk reward factor and likes this one.

Dun & Bradstreet: This business information company reports after the close, and Cramer is expecting to hear good things.

Tuesday: CVS, Regeneron
These two companies are Cramer's favorites and he's super excited to hear from both.

CVS: Cramer is really hoping that the stock actually goes down, so that investors can buy ahead of the quarter.

"You may like a fine cabernet, or even a somewhat bitter pinot noir, but I like a terrific merlot namely, Larry Merlo the CEO. Sorry, I couldn't resist," said Cramer.

Regeneron: Though the biotechs have been getting slammed recently, Cramer still is a buy for this one. Not to trade, but to hold long-term. This company does not trade on earnings, it trades on FDA approvals. So if Regeneron reports disappointing numbers, this is an opportunity to buy on weakness.

Wednesday: The big four! PepsiCo, Cisco, Tesla and Whole Foods
PepsiCo: CEO Indra Nooyi has been sending this stock higher and higher. Cramer thinks it will deliver a fabulous quarter

Whole Foods: This stock has been making a real comeback now that it has been cutting prices, remodeling and offering loyalty to its shoppers. Cramer is watching for an upside.

Tesla: Cramer wonders if that sly fox Elon Musk has something up his sleeve, because he's been so quiet lately. He's watching to see if Musk will pull a rabbit out of a hat.

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Thursday: WhiteWave
"Instead of reporting next Thursday, I wish WhiteWave were acquired by one of two other food companies reporting that same day, Kellogg or Kraft, both of which are desperate for natural and organic infusion," said Cramer.

Friday: Ventas
Ventas: This is Cramer's favorite real estate investment trust. He's loving the yield over 4 percent, and considers this one a buy

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