Meet the criss-croissant: IHOP's new hybrid creation


Just when you thought restaurants might have run out of hybrid combination possibilities, DineEquity's IHOP is launching the Criss-Croissant next week.

The item consists of croissant dough baked in a waffle iron and filled and topped with either lemonade cream and blackberries or sweetened cream cheese and strawberry rhubarb.

IHOP Criss-Croissant.
Source: IHOP

The limited-time offer will be available February 9 through April 5.

In a phone interview, Marie Grimm, IHOP's vice president of menu development and innovation, said the chain has been working on the item for about a year now.

"As many different doughs as you can think of, we attempted to waffle-ize," she said before settling on the Criss-Croissant, which has 42 layers.

The new mashup joins a crowded landscape of national chains that have dabbled in hybrids, including Dunkin' Donuts and Jack in the Box. They follow the craze that Dominique Ansel Bakery's trademarked Cronut in New York's SoHo neighborhood launched nationwide, where customers would wait hours to buy a $5 dessert.

In December, Dunkin Donuts announced that it planned to extend the availability of its croissant donuts after the chain sold more than 4.6 million of the dessert—making it one of the most successful limited-time items in brand history.

Even as competition within hybrids grows, a recent survey of professional chefs about "What's Hot" by the National Restaurant Association listed hybrid desserts as the fourth-biggest trend in desserts.