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Target customer captures touching teachable moment

Rebecca Ungarino
Customers leave a Target store in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Jim R. Bounds | Bloomberg | Getty Images

A young man walked into a Target in Raleigh, North Carolina Wednesday to buy a clip-on tie, but walked out with something more special, Raleigh ABC news channel WTVD reports.

One Target customer saw a store employee assisting the young man, who was looking for a clip-on tie to wear to a job interview at a local Chick Fil-A, according to WTVD. Target was out of clip-on ties, so employee Dennis Roberts taught the unidentified young man how to tie a tie and then offered tips for his interview.

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WTVD reports Customer Audrey Mark captured the touching moment on her phone, and posted the photo online.

The chain is now being praised for Roberts' kind act of customer service at the Raleigh Target, according to WTVD. Roberts went so far as to check in Thursday to the local Chick Fil-A to see whether or not the young man had scored the job, and WTVD reports the store's manager would "let him know by the end of the week if he got the job."

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