Uber is adding a panic button for users in India

The Uber app on a mobile phone
Getty Images

The taxi-hailing app Uber is making moves to improve safety for some users.

The San Francisco-based company said it is updating its app to include a panic button for users in India, where a driver is accused of raping a passenger. The in-app emergency button will alert the police that the rider is in trouble, an Uber blog post said Thursday.

The software update will also include a location sharing feature that will enable a passenger to share trip details and real-time location with up to five friends and family members.

Both changes to the Uber app will be implemented on Wednesday.

In December, Uber fell under criticism for its safety measures in the region after the alleged rape of a passenger who used the service in New Delhi. The company was banned from the roads in the city for several weeks, but returned in late January.

The company has previously said the new safety features will be updated for users worldwide, but given the security concerns in India moved more quickly there.

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While the company was pressed to add a physical panic button to vehicles, Uber said that this may confuse some passengers since many drivers use several taxi-hailing apps to offer their services.