DIY Investing

For important money tasks, should you DIY or go pro?

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Managing your money may be your own responsibility, but there are some times and tasks that require the attention of an expert. Even if you don't rely on a financial professional to oversee your finances on a regular basis, seeking the advice of an expert can be crucial for navigating certain situations successfully.

On the other hand, many important financial tasks may not require the help of a financial professional, and you can save money by simply handling them yourself. From managing a portfolio to drafting a will, here's a look at what you may be best off doing yourself and when you should turn to a professional.

- By Nancy M. Jackson, special to

Managing a portfolio

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"Do-it-yourself companies such as Vanguard, Fidelity, Scottrade, and have done a good job showing that portfolio management can be done without hiring and paying a firm," says Carlos Dias, Jr., founder and managing partner of Excel Tax & Wealth Group in Orlando, Fla.

"Still, most Americans have their investments with management firms. If the professional constantly underperforms against a benchmark such as the S&P