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Will Twitter allow users to pay to get verified?

Pro: These 2 things will take Twitter to next level
Pro: These 2 things will take Twitter to next level

Those following Twitter's activities are aware that the social networking site and its CEO, Dick Costolo, have been on a tear recently. The company made multiple product changes over the last month in an effort to bring in new users and enhance the experience for current ones.

But now, one angel investor told CNBC that, among other things, Twitter is planning to offer an option allowing users to pay a small fee to get verified.

Entrepreneur Jason Calacanis told CNBC's "Halftime Report" on Friday that the company will create a new revenue source called "Verified Twitter," he said, "where anyone would be able to verify their account for $1 a year or something like that."

Twitter declined to comment.

Why would the company want to cash in on the blue badges, which are currently given to key individuals and brands to help establish account authenticity?

Calacanis said that when people pay for verification, they'll be forced to input their credit card information, making it easier for Twitter to entice them into paying for other things, "like buying a subscription to The New York Times or buy a Netflix subscription."

Additionally, the angel investor says Twitter will charge verification-hungry brands "more like $100" in exchange for a verified badge and ad credits.

"Of course, nobody knows that," Calacanis said, "but I know it because I have a lot of inside information on the company." He declined to say the source of his information. (He also said he doesn't own shares in any publicly traded companies.)

Calacanis also said that Twitter is going to take its recently released group messaging feature and separate it out into a new app as well as add other apps to its mobile portfolio.

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"That's going to be huge," said Calacanis, predicting that it could increase Twitter's monthly active user count by a wild 50 million to 100 million per month. "That is why you you see Dick's a little bullish on this."

Still, these two moves won't even be the largest steps Twitter takes this year.

The social networking site will split revenue with users, similar to YouTube, where content creators get a piece of the revenue pie, he said. "You will have the same phenomenon on Twitter," Calacanis said, adding that it would "take a year or two to manifest, but people will be getting paid and making a living for simply tweeting in the world."

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The tech blogger appears to have written up more about these big plans on his personal blog.

Shares of Twitter were up more than 16 percent in midday trading Friday.