Phoenix Veterinarian, Dr. Hillary Frank, Celebrates National Pet Dental Health Month

PHOENIX, Feb. 8, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Hillary Frank of North Central Animal Hospital invites pet owners to celebrate February as National Pet Dental Health Month. She says that pet dental care is an often-overlooked, but critically important area of pet health. According to recent studies, 80 percent of cats and dogs silently suffer from some degree of periodontal disease by age 3. Dr. Frank says this high number is mostly because pet owners are not aware of the problem. She adds that pet periodontal disease can be very painful and lead to other serious health problems.

Dr. Frank says, "Just imagine not brushing your teeth for weeks or months at a time. Not only would that smell and feel terrible, it would eventually lead to severe gingivitis, painful cavities, tooth loss and even serious infections that could spread to your heart, liver and kidneys! And yet, this is exactly what so many pets actually endure. This is why our Phoenix pet dental care team supports National Pet Dental Health Month in February."

Dr. Frank urges all pet owners to schedule a professional pet dental exam and cleaning as soon as possible, adding that experts recommend pet dentistry appointments yearly. She says that some signs that your pet may have periodontal disease include very bad breath, swollen or bleeding gums, blood stains on chew toys or bedding, and signs of pain or reluctance when eating or drinking. She warns, however, that some pets may have a fairly advanced case of periodontal disease, even without these obvious symptoms.

According to the veterinarian, a daily pet dental care routine at home is also necessary to help pets stay healthy. She says that she and her staff have successfully helped many pet owners train their pets, young and old, to accept a new teeth brushing routine. She says there are several styles of pet toothbrushes and flavors of pet toothpastes that can make the job easier. Dr. Frank adds that people should never use toothpastes meant for humans on their pets because it can cause gastrointestinal distress.

"If you don't know how to start with brushing your pet's teeth at home, call us," says Dr. Frank. "We can find a training routine that works for your pet, and it will make their lives so much better. And if your pet has never had a pet dental care appointment, now's the time to schedule one! Healthy teeth and gums will definitely improve your pet's quality of life and health!"

North Central Animal Hospital in Phoenix provides pet wellness and medical care as well as pet surgery and dental care for cats, dogs, birds and exotic pets. During February, the hospital is offering $100 off regular dental costs for new clients, so the total cost of a cleaning is $199.00. More information is on their website:

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