Are labor disputes holding the US economy hostage?

West Coast ports suspend weekend work

Two vital arteries of the American economy currently stand threatened by labor disputes.

The biggest threat is at the Port of Los Angeles. All work was shut down there this weekend and is only returning to slower operations today. Various forms of slowdowns and other work actions have plagued this vital economy hub for 14 weeks. Shutdowns at that port cost the economy an estimated $2 billion per day.

The next big threat comes from refinery workers. 11 refineries across the country are now the scenes of strikes,

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Are these work actions the result of some kind of mistreatment—such as safety or compensation concerns—or are they a sign that the U.S. economy is getting good enough for organized labor to feel more entitled to better pay and benefits?

We'll debate that on the new expanded 2-hour version of "Power Lunch" today.

But what do you think is behind all this?

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