EnLyte To Be Presented at Upcoming NPA Udate

SUNSET, La., Feb. 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- JayMac Pharmaceuticals, LLC, of Sunset, LA, will present their flagship product, EnLyte, advanced generation folate therapy, at the 20th annual Nevada Psychiatric Association Psychopharmacology Update, February 11-15 in Las Vegas.

The Nevada Psychiatric Association (NPA) hosts the largest annual psychopharmacology update in the U.S. This year's attendance is projected at 1500 psychiatric providers and mental health professionals from around the world.

Discussion topics will include new treatment options for Major Depressive Disorder, as well as anxiety and mood disorders. EnLyte is an orally-administered prescription folate-containing product for the clinical dietary management of depression related to suboptimal folate levels associated with metabolic imbalances in transformylation and/or methylation biochemistry. EnLyte is the folate therapy of choice for many psychiatrists to help patients treat the root cause of depression, by lowering homocysteine and increasing neurotransmitters, without cumbersome side effects.

The 5000 patient, government-sponsored STAR-D study showed that only 30% of patients had remission of their Major Depressive Disorder after 8 weeks with single entity treatment with the standard SSRI, Celexa. Now psychiatric experts, The American Psychiatric Association, and The APA Complementary and Alternative Medicine Guidelines recommend combination folate and SSRI/SNRI therapy from the start to significantly increase remission rates in MDD, lower side effects, and reduce drop out rates.

"EnLyte is a new, natural, advanced generation folate product by prescription that answers the need for new treatment options in depression. JayMac is excited to educate providers at the Nevada Psychiatric Association meeting in Las Vegas next week on this new option for their patients," states Harold Robinson, CEO, JayMac, EnLyte co-inventor.

About EnLyte

EnLyte is a prescription folate therapy containing L-methylfolate magnesium, folinic acid, folacin, plus brain-ready B-vitamin metabolites, betaine, zinc, magnesium, vitamin C, and PS Gold Omega 3s. EnLyte is FDA-regulated as dietary management of conditions related to folate deficiency, including as monotherapy and adjunctive therapy to an SSRI/SNRI in mild, moderate, and severe depression. EnLyte is pregnancy category A for use in pregnant and lactating women. EnLyte is paid by many insurance plans, including Tricare for $17 per month, Express Scripts, and many state Medicaid plans. It is $55 per month through mail order. Visit www.EnLyteRx.Com for more information, or contact EnLyte Customer Care at 985.788.7755.

About JayMac Pharmaceuticals

JayMac Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a Sunset, Louisiana-based pharmaceutical company gaining interest with the introduction of EnLyte into the psychotropic and psychiatric market.

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