Polaris(R) Office makes dragging and dropping files easy

IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Infraware Inc. has been hard at work ever since the release of a free version of Polaris Office, which launched in March of 2014. Since then they have had a single focus: provide powerful and dynamic features while creating an easy and efficient user experience.

Recently, Polaris Office released a drag and drop desktop client for Mac, Polaris Office Sync, for free, to help make their users' lives easier. As the number of multiple device users increase, productivity based applications must accommodate these needs. Polaris Office has already achieved this by allowing multiple device sync a standard feature on their mobile app, and has now extended that feature to both Mac and PC desktops.

Being truly productive no matter where you go includes working from a computer. With Polaris Office sync the work you do on your computer can be dragged and dropped straight onto your Android, iOS, and even Amazon devices. You can pick up right where you left off whether it was a project you started at work and finished at home, or a project you started on your way to work and want to finish up in the office or classroom.

Polaris Office Sync creates a folder on your desktop after installation is completed. Here you can see all the files that were already sync'ed with your Polaris Office account, as well as add any files or folders on your desktop that you would like to access on any of your other devices. Files can be dragged and dropped into the folder, or directly into the application window while open.

Any updates, changes or edits made to files that are saved in the Polaris Office folder will be automatically applied to the document. That way you can work on a project, and preview it on your phone and vice versa if needed!

Additionally, Polaris Office has integrated a sharing feature called Talk+ with the desktop application to improve ease of sharing and collaboration. This way, users can share documents with others through Polaris Office and be able to create, edit, and collaborate, from their smartphones, tablets or PC.

Sharing, file management, and file creation has never been this easy. Polaris Office brings you all the tools you need to work seamlessly between devices, and with coworkers.

Available for Mac on the App Store
Available for PC on the Polaris Office Site

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