Valuables posted on Instagram lead to robbery

Getty Images

Valuable goods posted on Instagram led to a house being robbed in Philadelphia early Sunday morning, according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

Three armed and masked men kicked in the front door of a home and demanded Rolex watches, jewelry and other items that they had seen on a 19-year-old resident's Instagram postings, according to the newspaper.

There were five male victims inside the home during the break-in ranging from age 17-19, one of the males was able to call the police during the robbery while hiding in the bathroom.

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The masked men managed to escape through a rear window once the police arrived, leaving two of their guns behind, according to the paper.

But they didn't leave empty-handed, the burglars absconded with a Rolex watch, two gold chains and cellphones, according to police.

No injuries were reported, the newspaper said.

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