CEGEDIM STRATEGIC DATA: Cancer Treatments in the Top 5 European Countries

PARIS, Feb. 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cegedim Strategic Data (CSD), a leading provider of healthcare market research, has released result highlights from its OncoView® study focusing on cancer treatments (excluding hormone therapy) in France, Italy, Germany, Spain and UK.

The study uses CSD's OncoView® databases for France, Italy, Germany, Spain and UK. CSD collects anonymised patient data through electronic case report forms (e-CRF) from a quarterly panel of 1 400 specialists. This analysis is based on 110,000 patient cases (raw data) and covers 12-month projected data on MAT1 Q3 2014.

Result highlights

Bladder cancer ranks in the top four treated tumours for all five countries. It ranks second in Italy (15%) and Spain (13.2%); this is influenced by a wide use of intravesical therapies with chemotherapy by urologists in Italy and a wide use of pre- and post-surgery treatment by urologists for both Italy and Spain. Overall, bladder cancer represents 10% of all cancer treatments in the Top 5 European countries.

Notably, the top 10 cancers in the above table represent close to 70% of all cancer treated patients (excluding hormone therapy) in the Top 5 European countries.

Target Therapies

Between 500,000 and 600,000 patients are treated with target therapies in the Top 5 European countries. In the five countries studied target therapies represent an average of 32% of all cancer drugs used.

Germany shows the highest rate of target therapy use (36%) compared to the other countries. The table below indicates the differences between the countries in terms of use of target therapies, by tumour type. These differences are influenced by the launch dates of the drugs and the health authority policies in each country.

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1 MAT : Moving Annual Total

CSD Cancer Treatments in the Top 5 Europe http://hugin.info/141732/R/1892907/670743.pdf


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