Healthcare and Public Health Sector is at Risk for Disruptions

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Feb. 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Resilient Corporation, the leading provider of resilience metrics and solutions, today released the Resilient ScoreTM for the Healthcare and Public Health Sector. Based on a scale of 0-4, where 0 is nonexistent and 4 is global leader, the Resilient ScoreTM is an objective, market-based performance score that represents how well a company, government, institution or community manages its capacity to anticipate disruptions, adapt to events, and create lasting value.

Mark Gembicki, CEO and Chief Architect of Resilient Corporation and a leading authority on resiliency metrics, stated, "As the Department of Homeland Security acknowledges, the Healthcare and Public Health sector constitutes a significant component of the United States economy and a breakdown in the healthcare infrastructure would result in a catastrophic impact to the economy. Therefore the overall resiliency of the sector is critical to the health and well-being of the country."

Resilient Corporation found the Healthcare and Public Health Sector to have an industry average of 1.22. This score falls below a Market Lagging score of 2 and is trending down towards a Not Resilient score of 1. Gembicki added, "Our analysis shows as a country we have a way to go to improve the resiliency of this critical sector. As we have seen recently with the extensive cyber attack on Anthem that breached the personal information of millions of Americans, information systems is a key area of vulnerability for many organizations globally. When organizations understand their overall resiliency, it makes them better prepared to prevent such attacks and quickly recover when they occur because of their preemptive resilient nature."

Unlike traditional approaches to governance that use risk management and regulatory compliance methodologies designed to identify and avoid specific risk, Resilient Corporation employs a comprehensive and measured approach to assess an organization's overall level of resilience. Resilient Corporation analyzes the following dimensions when making an assessment: Financial Stability, Legal and Regulatory, Strategy and Culture, Operational Risk, Disaster Management, Information Security, Ecosystem, Public Relations and Media, Human Capital, and Supply Chain and Procurement. To access Resilient Scores™ visit

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Resilient Corporation offers a premier, end-to-end resilience scoring solution enabling forward thinking corporate and government leaders the insight to anticipate, understand and manage disruptions while finding new opportunities for efficiencies and growth. Launched in 2006, Resilient Corporation broadened the term resilience to incorporate "the capacity of best in class organizations to anticipate disruptions, adapt to events and create lasting value." The company maintains the world's largest repository of resilience data across ten dimensions, and has commercialized a proprietary analytical platform to generate highly insightful Resilient Scores™ for corporations and government agencies. Using state-of-the-art big data systems and open source intelligence, the Resilient Index™ provides highly regarded insight and research on eighteen global industry sectors.

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