SpaceCurve Brings Power of Advanced, Spatial Computing to Hadoop

SEATTLE, Feb. 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Strata+Hadoop World, Innovators Pavilion booth #P2 — SpaceCurve, who is participating at Strata+Hadoop World February 17-20, in San Jose, CA, is bringing the power of advanced, spatial computing to Hadoop. SpaceCurve recently launched the first platform built specifically for spatially organizing and enabling the analyses of large-scale spatial data. Using SpaceCurve, Hadoop users can leverage existing investments and immediately deploy for real-time geospatial use cases.

At present continuous high-velocity data ingestion rates are far beyond the limits of traditional spatial analysis platforms. Spatial analytics required for high-value Internet of Everything applications are not supportable on popular big data platforms, while real-time operational analysis requirements preclude the use of batch-oriented platforms. Moreover, data volume greatly exceeds capacity of platforms designed for real-time analysis of human-generated sources.

SpaceCurve continuously fuses geospatial, sensor, IoT, social media, location, and other streaming and historical data while making the data immediately available for analytics and operational intelligence.

While the Hadoop ecosystem can scale to spatial storage requirements, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is not efficient for organizing and analyzing spatial data because it does not have a predictable, uniform distribution.

Although hash functions can transform unpredictable, non-uniform distributions, they do not preserve nor expose spatial biases and relationships efficiently. This results in a reduction in parallelism and efficiency of spatial analysis, as well as the inability to implement computational geometry needed for spatial analysis.

The SpaceCurve platform includes interoperability with Hadoop right out of the box. This allows for integration directly at the HDFS layer so that all current (Hadoop) systems and tools can be utilized in their normal workflows. For example, users can build combined workflows that operate in parallel or where Hadoop components can call out queries into SpaceCurve.

To learn more please visit SpaceCurve at the Innovators Pavilion Booth #P2 or check out our website. For more information and examples when using SpaceCurve alongside Hadoop please click here.

SpaceCurve is live with partners including AirSage, Esri, and L-3, and with customers in government, defense, transportation, location analytics and telecommunications.

About SpaceCurve

SpaceCurve is the only spatial data platform to support continuous high-velocity ingestion of complex spatially organized data concurrent with real-time query execution, enabling analyses of extreme data volumes. SpaceCurve makes it possible to manage, analyze, and act on fast-moving machine-generated data with the precision, speed and scale required for true operational intelligence. From location analysis and remote sensing, to network optimization, logistics, and machine-to-machine applications, SpaceCurve delivers spatial data at the speed of reality.

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