Celebrating 15 Years of Email Design, Yesmail Publishes Its 2015 Creative Lookbook

PORTLAND, OR, Feb. 11, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yesmail, the email marketing solutions provider of Yes Lifecycle Marketing, today announced the release of its 2015 creative email design lookbook, which focuses on design best practices marketers should be implementing in their email campaigns.

"With email template systems acting as the Swiss Army Knife of email marketing, the 2015 Lookbook illustrates what marketers can do to modernize their emails and optimize them for mobile," said Matt Caldwell, SVP, Worldwide Creative, Yes Lifecycle Marketing. "The 2015 Lookbook shows marketers examples of email template systems with flexible structures which take advantage of sticky content, bulletproof buttons, responsive design, dynamic content display, etc. These features of email design aim to engage and ensure the optimal return on a brand's email marketing investment."

Yesmail is proud to be home to the longest-running dedicated, internal email design agency, which continues to produce award winning email designs and campaigns. In 2014, accolades included an OMMA Award, Impact14 by the Internet Marketing Association, Marketing ARC Award, and a Chief Marketer Pro Award.

With mobile email commanding the attention of marketers, the 2015 Lookbook focuses on engaging design and mobile scalability in order to emphasize the importance of engaging mobile subscribers. Based on recent Yesmail benchmark data, each mobile email click brings in 46 cents of revenue, in comparison to the 19 cents brought in by a desktop email click. In other words, the more mobile subscribers marketers successfully engage after opening, the larger the revenue they generate. Additionally, in Q4 2014, Yesmail found that brands that incorporated responsive design in ALL of their mailings achieved a CTO almost 40% higher than brands that did not utilize responsive design in ANY of their campaigns.

"The creative agency services team within Yes Lifecycle Marketing gives Yesmail clients the flexibility they need in order to better connect and engage with their subscribers," said Michael Fisher, president, Yes Lifecycle Marketing. "With email content that can be triggered based on transactions, lifecycle stage or behavior, we're able to build relevant, contextual interactions between our clients and their customers."

To download your copy of Yesmail's 2015 Lookbook, click here.

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Yesmail, Yes Lifecycle Marketing's email marketing solutions provider, powers intelligent customer interactions. We define ourselves by a better caliber of technology, unmatched insights, and skilled services experts that help our clients get to 'YES' sooner with their customers. As a leading email services provider, we seamlessly integrate email, mobile, web, and social channels, enabling the world's best known brands to use data-driven insights to create meaningful connections with their customers in real-time. For more information, visit www.yesmail.com.

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Yes Lifecycle Marketing is a solution provider that brings together multichannel marketing platforms and data, with creative and strategy services honed on the optimization of delivering relevant marketing messages. This gives marketers the ability to source best-of-breed technology and creative and strategy services from a single vendor at a cost-effective price point. For more information, visit www.yeslifecyclemarketing.com.

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