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I get paid to be a heli-ski helicopter pilot

I get paid to be a heli-ski helicopter pilot

Robert Gallagher's office is the cockpit of a helicopter.

"It is the best job in the world. It is the best view from any office that I can imagine," a smiling Gallagher said in an interview with CNBC's "Power Lunch. "

Gallagher has been flying since he was 19 years old. In 2010, he founded Coldstream Helicopters, a Canadian company offering a wide-range of services.

"We do a lot of heli-skiing in the winter, a lot of forest fire suppression work in the summer time, a lot of oil and gas exploration, a lot of heli-tourism. We're quite busy in the helicopter world," said Gallagher.

His team has also been contracted for TV, film, and commercial productions, like the movies "Alive," "Chill Factor" and "Shanghai Noon." They've worked with actors like Jackie Chan, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Anthony Hopkins.

Currently, Coldstream is working on a Molson Canadian commercial for "Anything for Hockey. "

"Our job primarily on that type of a commercial shoot is what we call the heavy lifting, making sure all the equipment and people are up safely on the mountain and everybody has what they need to go to work on a mountain side," Gallagher said.

The view from Robert Gallagher’s office as a Heli-ski helicopter pilot.
Photo: Robert Gallagher

The main challenge in Gallagher's line of work is weather.

"We don't fly off an airport, we're landing at high altitudes in the mountains in white out conditions and we're quite often averaging between eighty and a hundred landings a day. I certainly had some close calls over my career but I would say that the good days certainly outweigh the bad," he said.

The worst days, Gallagher said, are those that involve rescue calls.

"Probably bringing back somebody that didn't make it [when] we're responding to a rescue scenario or an avalanche victim. The best day of our job … bring in the folks that did make it out."

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Making sure everyone gets home safely is Gallagher's main concern. However, knowing that clients experienced a day they'll long remember is a close second.

"When we finish up the end of the day, heli-skiing especially, and everybody is cheering and high-fiving, and had a great day of skiing, we're pretty happy that we got to take them out there for the day," he said.