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Lightning Round: It's part of a major revolution

Source: CNBC

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Xerox Corp: "The last quarter wasn't that good, but the stock didn't go down. That usually tells me that good things could be ahead. It should have gone down, I'm not going to tell you to sell it now."

Tessera Technologies: "Ever since Richard Hill joined the board there the guy made the viewers all of that money on Novellus, it has been such a win. I think it can go higher."

Freshpet: "It's an expensive stock, but I do believe in the long-term fundamentals of animal health. I like Zoetis, and I think the animal health division at Merck is worth a lot of money. I think that Freshpet is part of a major revolution in this country to spend more on your pets and there is a great consolidation. Therefore I do want to own it, though I don't expect a lot from the quarter."

Splunk: "Splunk is good, it's expensive but the last quarter was excellent. Tableu had a really great quarter if you talk about software. So I like Tableau, I think with Splunk you have to remember now that the hot areas are cybersecurity and data analysis, and Tableau I think is ahead of Splunk. But a good company."

Disney: "I'm glad you say long-term, because this stock has been a rocket much as I think Bob Iger is fantastic, it's got to cool off. If you can get it under $100, that's where I would buy it. I'm not telling you to sell, I'm just saying for entry level to wait for a couple of points."

ConocoPhillips: "We feel it is time to own an oil, is that the one to own? I think it's more natural gas than oil, so I'm going to say no to Conoco."

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Juno Therapeutics: "I like Halozyme Therapeutics, Isis Pharmaceuticals, Regeneron and I like Celgene a little more."

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group: "It's been the best in the group, but it does feel like after today's quarter that maybe at this point we look back and say we want a little bit more sustainability. I want to be in PepsiCo with Indra Nooyi."

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