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Lightning Round: The charts are lined up for this

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Homeaway: "I think the concept of Homeaway is fantastic, I think the execution is good. I think the stock market is saying that it's overvalued unless it gets taken over. I'm going to say down here, don't give up on Brian Sharples. Buy buy buy."

BB&T Corporation: "I like BB&T, and I also like KeyCorp which is terrific. My favorite in the group is SunTrust. By the way, every single pattern and line on the charts are lining up for the banks. You've got a good one."

Quanta Services: "It's infrastructure is no good right now. I'm just not going to go for it, and it's too risky."

Acadia Healthcare Company: "Unfortunately I think substance abuse and behavior is a very big growing market. And those guys are real players in it. It's a terrific story."

Viacom: "I'm going to have to say don't buy. Time Warner just put up a great number today. It was just a beautiful number, and Jeff Bewkes who is a great American, just delivers and delivers. So why do we have to be in someone who does not deliver? Make the swap."

Boeing: "I do not foresee it dropping back. I think Jim McNerney delivered an amazing quarter...If that stock went below $140 for some sort of Grexit thing, you would just have to stand there and buy it. That's how strong Boeing's earnings cycle is right now.

Energy Transfer Partners: "This one has been taken to the woodshed too much. I've got to tell you I've had my back and forth with Kelcy Warren, but I do think that stock should be bought right here. My favorite remains, of the non-MLPs, is KMI and of the MLPs is Enterprise.

Freescale Semiconductor: "Freescale is good, SkyWorks is better, Cypress is the best."

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Amgen Inc: "Amgen is good, but Celgene just came down a great deal and Regeneron is no longer loved. I prefer both of those to Amgen, and I'll throw in Biogen Idec as another one I prefer."

Affymetrix: "This thing came back from the dead. This DNA chip technology, I cannot believe it came back. This has been a serial disappointer and what that says to me is that I have to do more work on it, rather than just say that it's fine because I cannot believe this one has 9 lives."

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