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The Powerball winning stocks of the day

Cramer: What is working

Enough of all the negative chatter—Jim Cramer would rather take a look at the stocks that are actually working right now. These are the stocks behind the Dow closing right on the brink of 18,000 and NASDAQ hitting a 15-year high on Thursday.

One stock that led the Dow and soared 9 percent was Cisco. This is a company that dominated the 1990s as the leader of the pack for the Internet. At one point, it had the largest market cap in the world.

Though Cisco may have had periods of downturn over the years, Cramer thinks it never lost its edge. Now, with the opportunity presented with everything becoming digitized in the "Internet of things," Cramer sees major opportunity ahead for Cisco.

"After a day where Cisco led the Dow, soaring 9 percent, you might feel like you missed it…I'm telling you, this is just quarter one of the numbers I've been expecting from Cisco. Quarter one! I say game on," the "Mad Money" host said.

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Expedia and TripAdvisor were the next Powerball winners of the day. Expedia crushed the competition, up 14 percent Thursday after it announced an acquisition of Orbitz. Likewise, Trip Advisor announced excellent earnings, which was crucial for a time when investors were worried about the travel industry slowing down.

Cramer is seeing major dollar signs ahead with the Expedia-Orbitz merger and thinks the regulators will bless the consolidation.

"Between Amazon when it comes to retail, and Google when it comes to online content, any company can claim that there's plenty of competition, so mergers should be blessed, " Cramer said.

Next up was Whole Foods and WhiteWave, further proving that the organic and natural movement is back with full vengeance in the U.S. Companies that aren't riding the natural wave are paying for it, too. This explains why Kellogg was down 4 percent Thursday.

"WhiteWave is spending to meet demand. Kellogg is spending to try to stimulate demand and buy back stock. Tony the Tiger just seems as endangered as the real thing," Cramer said.

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So while Greece, Russia and Germany have thrown off investor judgement recently, the clarity finally came Thursday when the stocks right in front of our eyes to be victorious.

"The winning ticket's right there in front of you, like a Powerball game that lets millions of people win by giving them the theme of the numbers ahead of time."

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