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Cramer's love affair with this earnings winner

Cramer loves this consumer goods winner
Cramer loves this consumer goods winner

Now that most of earnings season has passed, Jim Cramer is ready to award medals to the winners who managed to triumph at a time when most were missing the mark.

Cramer's attention was first drawn to the consumer packaged goods sector, as it has a reputation of being consistent and stable. However, that was not the case time around, as both Procter & Gamble and Colgate delivered weak numbers.

The reason? Currency problems.

"If you're selling lots of toothpaste and toilet paper for weak , then when you try to exchange those euros for dollars, a currency that's much stronger than it was in the previous quarter, let along the previous year, you end up with a lot fewer greenbacks," Cramer said.

Colorox brand toilet bowl cleaner sits on display at a supermarket in Princeton, Ill.
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One company that didn't get taken down with the larger group was Clorox. The "Mad Money" host has had a long-time love affair with this well run company.

Clorox reported a spectacular quarter and beat the competition in almost every measure. But it is also the least popular of any of the major players of the group.


"That's right, Clorox is the anointed winner of the consumer products space this past quarter, and perhaps for many more quarters to come," said Cramer.

At a time when international exposure caused a 5 percent drop in sales for Procter and 9 percent drop for Colgate's totals, Clorox offers a safe harbor with 79 percent of its sales in North America.

In Cramer's opinion, Clorox wasn't just lucky. It is both lucky and good at what it does. Its CEO, Don Knauss, made a prudent move when he closed the doors on its business in Venezuela last year. This reduction of dead wood made it possible to be innovative and strategic at a time when the competition was hurting.

But it was the results that really made Cramer fall in love with the company. Clorox had him at "volume growth."

The company reported that it increased volume growth by 4 percent, which totally surprised analysts. Additionally, it had organic growth at 5.7 percent and a significant reduction in margins.

Thanks to the low price of oil and gas, Cramer thinks Clorox will continue to shrink its margins and head higher.

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"Clorox was the clear winner in the packaged goods segment this earnings season, and I think it will keep winning," he added.

Thanks to the insulation of international exposure and smart management with innovative products, Cramer thinks the analysts' only options are to either embrace it or wipe tears of regret as it climbs to the top."

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